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about the Book

"Strategies, Tips, and Activities for the Effective Band Director"

is a thorough and well-organized collection of pedagogical solutions. These are practical, efficient, highly-effective processes for Band Directors and, just as importantly, they are designed to be engaging for students.  Readers will find an abundance of ideas that solve teaching problems and meet rehearsal goals. Nearly every one can be used immediately, without extra training, additional expense, or specific technology. Each entry is brief but detailed, and is designed to address a specific teaching challenge in common categories like Warm-ups, Score Study, Tone Quality, Rhythm, Intonation, Rehearsal techniques, and more. Many are illustrated by excerpts from well-known standard repertoire. There are special chapters on the Jazz Ensemble (Daniel Fabricius, Binghamton University) and the Marching Band (Christian Carichner, Iowa State University).

      This might be best described as a comprehensive problems-and-solutions guidebook with literally hundreds of helpful ideas covering all common topics within the realm of being a Band Director. 


        The book addresses even the “intangibles” such as Phrasing and Interpretation, while also giving helpful rehearsal, organizational and classroom management techniques to all band directors, regardless of their age or level-of-experience.  The strategies are designed much like short Lesson plans; some are even suggestively scripted for clarity. The text is presented to allow Band Directors to read lessons quickly.  Further, the Table of Contents is designed as a searchable guide to help the reader find a desired topic efficiently. While not intended to be complete, this collection will offer a wonderful springboard to teachers looking to be recharged with innovative ideas, and to further fill the instructional toolkit.

We all occasionally ponder this important question: “How do I become a highly-effective Band Director, providing an engaging, successful and memorable experience for my students, families, audience, and school community?” Of course, band directors need to know how to conduct performances, and it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of budgeting, administrative issues, fundraising, advocacy, publicity, copyright matters and more.


        But the band director’s greatest effectiveness lies in teaching, and this book is about the components of effective teaching.  

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