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Guidesheet for Band Repertoire DOC

Guidesheet for Band Repertoire PDF

Circle of Keys - Linear Version PDF

Chorales, Ballads and Lyrical Pieces

Tuning by Harmonics (Electric Bass)

Works with beautiful lyrical sections/mvmts

"Tuning by the Numbers" - DOC

Section Responsibilities Chart - PDF

Section Responsibilities Chart - EDITABLE

Linaberry's "Percussion 21" Game

"Percussion 21" Scoresheet Sample

Band Officers' Descriptions - EDITABLE

Sectionals Guide - EDITABLE Template

"Tuning by the Numbers" - PDF

Some randomness prompts for tuning

Percussion Assignments, Part 1 - Prep Work

Percussionists' Self-Analysis

Percussionists' Track: Setting up Lessons

Percussion Assignments - 1st Task Sept.

Percussion Self-Assignment Guidelines

Percussion Assignment Worksheet SAMPLE

Master Percussion Assignments - SAMPLE

Personal Folder - Percussionist Guide

Bandroom Hacks & Shortcuts IP

Sample Percussion Checklist for Trips

Help Sheet for Ensemble Musicians 

Organizer & Study-Guide for new music

Listening Guide for specific repertoire

Listening Guide for Guest Performances

Dartboard Randomness rehearsal strategy

"I thought you would drive ..." strategy

Repertoire Suggestions for Prism Concerts 

The Watkins-Farnum Performance Scale

Personal Goals Sheet - EDITABLE SAMPLE

P.A.C.E.  Basic information about the plan

P.A.C.E.  Sample Documents & Rubrics

Sample Grading Policies & Lesson Rubrics

Responsibilities List for Trips

Repair Self-Assessment PDF

Repair Self-Assessment EDITABLE

Individualized Lesson Reminders

Sample Officers Document EDITABLE

Instrument Exchange Project

SAMPLES: Rubrics & Audition Sheets

Honors Credit Model

Quotes for the Bandroom

Band Handbook SAMPLE

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