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Under Construction

Please return. This page will soon offer details about:

  • Commissioned compositions for your Band or Jazz Band

  • Modifications of parts to help your less-skilled musicians feel the joy of inclusion

  • "Key Sequences for Band" - A comprehensive skills-based Warm-Up for Concert Bands, designed to keep the entire Percussion Section engaged. This is a collection of scales-arpeggios-3rds-chromatics-chords for the Winds and Mallet Percussion in every key, aligned with fifteen full and interchangeable Percussion Ensembles composed to teach rudiments and support percussion skill-development.

  • A library of compositions, including 

    • "A 'Fore Star Fanfare"composed as an exciting stand-alone Fanfare, or as an Introduction to precede The Star Spangled Banner. 

    • "Joy For All Ages"a three-layer composition created to allow a single performance to feature the Beginners, the Middle School Band, and the High School Band all playing together, at the correct level of challenge

    • "Together ... We"composed for Spencer Van-Etten High School by assembling historical details about the school community with the Alma Mater.

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